Kindred Creatures


Disclaimer: This post is about my beliefs in no way am I pushing this on others. I just wanted to share is all. If it’s offensive to others I am sorry. I will however stand behind this post when others criticize it as I value my research.

The use of Kindred Creatures in this post is just what I prefer in my practice but I have listed many other names they might go or be used by. This information was gathered from a multitude of books, blogs & websites to many to name.

Kindred Creatures are the guardian spirit of a place or person; Latin origin. Also known as animal guide, animal teacher, animal companion, daemon or familiar but not to be confused with spirit animal or totem animal.

A Kindred Creature teaches us about ourselves, helping bring the subconscious to the conscious. Kindred Creatures take part in our dreams, travels, lives and in our craft. Kindred Creatures may be animals, birds, reptiles, spirits or even mythological creatures. They help bring qualities that we may need in out life to light. Any connection you with with an animal may be a connection to a Kindred Creature that is of great value to you and your life. Kindred Creature are a part of our spirit and can be teachers, protectors and comforters. These Kindred Creature help you connect to the powers and abilities they represent.

Types of Kindred Creatures

Birth Creature represent aspects and qualities inherited at birth time.

Power Creature reside with each individual adding to their power.

Medicine Creature help to heal and comfort you in times of illness and injury. They only come when you call them and will stay only until you are well and ready to let them go.

Guide Creature come forth to guide you through the trials of your life and to help you understand the lessons that these experiences are there to teach you.

Messenger Creature retrieve, deliver and return messages from the spirit realm to you.

Shadow Creature only arrive when lessons go unlearned or messages go unheard. It will come repeatedly until there is change.

Journey Creature guide you when you set forth on a new life path. They are there to help you find your way when you are lost and only travel along with you until you have completed the journey.

Life Creature reflect your deeper, spiritual self and will always be with you.

Helper Creature assist you with certain tasks or skills they specialize in when called upon.

Guardian Creature are ones you can call upon in times of need and/or for protection.

by SapphyrWitch

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